Rapper Freddie Gibbs recently released his new strain of cannabis while also providing a first listen of his new album, Shadow of a Doubt. Freddie teamed up with marijuana collective Chroncierge to host an event to announce his next step into the cannabis business. His new strain is simply named “Freddie Kane OG” and embodies both cannabis and music all in one. During his event, Freddie gave an exclusive preview of his his new album as well.

Freddie Kane OG is an Indica-Hybrid that has 29% THC and .13% CBD.

The high from this creeps up on you slowly and has a heavy, warming and cerebral effect felt all throughout your body. Eventually, the high will land on the back of your eyelids. Although a typical OG high can be expected, Freddie Kane OG has an impressive and noticeable longevity. The strain’s pungent smell alone can intoxicate and the nugs themselves are vibrant green with a lush texture. 

Freddie Gibbs is giving back to his fans in many ways and is only going up from here.