Our guide to using cannabis on the clock, responsibly.

Cannabis is more socially acceptable now than it’s been in ages, but that doesn’t mean that every boss and every workplace will welcome your use with open arms. Although the plant can help you focus, as well as treat pain, anxiety, and other medical conditions to maximize your productivity, you may still need to consume stealthily at your J-O-B. You don’t want to face punishment or lose your gig — after all, weed is unfortunately not free, so you need to maintain a steady source of income to stay stocked with that sticky icky.

Thankfully we live in an age when there are many workarounds to help you slyly enjoy the benefits of cannabis while on the clock. These, combined with some common sense rules for behavior at work, should prevent you from getting in hot bong water with your boss over bud. Just follow MERRY JANE’s Do’s & Don’ts of using weed at work, and your climb up the career ladder won’t be the only thing elevating you at your 9-to-5.