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D∆WN and Kingdom's Surprise ‘Infrared' EP

MERRY JANE picks our favorite tracks.

by MP Wilkinson

by MP Wilkinson

D∆WN (formerly known as Dawn Richard) has a knack for crafting airy-yet-lush arrangements, and continues her sound with the release of the Infrared EP. The project is a collaborative effort with Fade To Mind chief and producer Kingdom.
The four-track EP is set off by the track “Honest,” which introduces many world music elements while balancing D∆WN’s R&B core. From there, a standard of simplistic-yet-sonically engaging creations come into play.

The track “How I Get It” is a prime example, only consisting of finger snaps and chimes to accompany the singer’s layered and syncopated vocals. D∆WN’s vocals and songwriting abilities on joints like "Paint It Blue" and "Baptize" are impressive, and match the precise and entrancing production provided by Kingdom.
Listen below.


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