How high is too high? On the latest episode of Super High Score, Zeus “The Stoned Gamer” Tipado and his friend Carmen Monoxide push the limits of their tolerance and try to consume 10,000mg of THC between them. You read that correctly—10,000mg! By comparison, a typical Kiva chocolate bar contains 180mg separated into four 45mg pieces. So…5,000mg is an awful lot of THC for someone to consume. It sounds problematic—and maybe it is, just like Zeus’ ill-advised Soylent x dabs experiment—but their journey is also a lot of fun, as they partake in five delicious edibles courses and dabs courtesy of Dr. Red and attempt to keep it together while playing Connect Four, Jenga, and Simon. Watch the video to see what life is like when you’ve got a ridiculous amount of THC in your system.