Watch the Trailer for the Final “Workaholics” Season
“I guess this is goodbye.”
Published on December 16, 2016

When Workaholics first premiered in 2011, it was a breath of fresh air in television’s formulaic comedy world. Every episode was crazier than the previous one, and the characters felt like real people. The chemistry between the three amigoes was (and stayed) magnificent, no doubt helped greatly by the fact that the actors have known each other since the third grade.

Today is bittersweet, as we learn through the eagerly anticipated trailer for the Season 7 of Workaholics that it will also be their final season. While Workaholics may not be the longest running comedy show (that would be It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia), we can say with confidence that it’s been a perfect run for the show, as our three favourite stoner office bros are definitely leaving at the top of their game. We are unable to point out a weak season, or yet even a bad episode. Adam, Anders and Blake have always surprised us and consistently kept us laughing our asses off through the years. 

The new trailer for Season 7, set to Boyz II Men’s “It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday,” is a swan song for the show, and allows us to relive some of of the greatest moments thus far. While this may be heart wrenching for some, fret not, as the entire team is back for the final season. From series co-creator Kyle Newacheck (“Water Trash” Karl on the show) to our favourite slackers played by Blake Anderson, Anders Holm and Adam Devine, this season promises to keep bringing the laughs. The new season will also feature guest stars such as Nina Dobrev (The Vampire Diaries) and even Dennis Quaid.  

The actors’ respective forays into acting in films have been limited, but they’ve all made appearances on the big screen. Blake Anderson had a small (and funny) part in Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse, Adam Devine was very good in Pitch Perfect (we’ll give him a pass for Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates) and Anders Holm appeared in Inherent Vice as well as Unexpected.

They will also be getting more time on the big screen together soon, as they are teaming up with our main man Seth Rogen and Netflix for the promising action comedy described as “Die Hard in a hotel,” Game Over, Man!

Needless to say we are quite excited to see them make the jump to the silver screen. In the meanwhile, you can watch the Season 7 Workaholics trailer here, and make sure you tune in to Comedy Central on January 11th for the premiere of the show’s final season. 


Jean-Julien Kahn
Jean-Julien is an aspiring screenwriter/director currently living in Madrid. He reads comics, watches movies, and plays video games.
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