Lead image by Zoe Ligon

Sex has been around longer than we have, and cannabis has been too. So for all those abacus agitators out there, do the math, because when you pair together the origin of the physical with the origin of the metaphysical, there's really only one way the equation equates: cannabis and sex are as natural a combo as burgers and fries, kale and kombucha, or even all 7 layers of a fast food burrito smooshed together in beautiful bliss.

The cannabis revolution is in full bloom all around us. States around the nation and nations around the world are lining up to give the people what they want, shortsighted salamanders like Gov. Paul LePage be damned! Sex, too, needs a revolution now more than ever. The last several weeks of revelations outing the dire and exploitive nature of the passé patriarchy — Weinstein, Spacey, Knight Landesman, etc. — proves that progress is a never ending process and we've still got a long way to go. Ending the tired, exploitive paradigms of both the drug war and sexual hegemony starts with knowledge, unity, and community. That's why here at MERRY JANE, we've rallied our clique and our pioneering partners Doc Johnson, Pride Cannabis, and Tarukino's Velvet Swing to bring you the first-ever MERRY JANE Sex Week!

It all kicks off with an inspiring picture of marital bliss embodied by adult film stars Nikki Hearts and Leigh Raven. They're not only tattooed lovebirds, they're our weed sex-perts and tour guides on this journey through a beautiful world of intimate delights enhanced by the plant we all know and love. They kick it with us for some Fact or Fiction, a quick Q&A roundup, and then rally their homies for a cannabis sex stories session that needs to be seen to be believed. This isn't some kind of stuffy, private school, sex ed class: it's fun and facts from women who live this lifestyle and aren't afraid to share it with the world.

Hot on the heels of Nikki and Leigh, we've got the the Queens of the Stoned Age — our fearless friend Snoop's brainchild — that has brought the world of women and weed out of the cannabis closet and into the mainstream conversation. This week we'll debut the sex-fueled season finale called "Come Together," featuring Molly PecklerJenna Sativa, Rachel Wolfson, Jessica Assaf, and Esther Ku. You already know these ladies keep it 100, and this episode is no different. It's an uncensored, unfiltered chat and through the smoky haze, there are insights and laughs that no one else out there can match. And if you like the Queens vibe, be sure to check out Brooke Burgstahler's sit-down with cannabis sensuality coach Carli Jo Bidlingmaier as she helps us all realize our intimate potential through cannabis. Don't be weird about it; just grab your pen and take notes!

If you've been following the latest that MERRY JANE has to offer, you may also have noticed my ugly mug hosting our newest show on Facebook Live, About That Time. In a few short weeks we've had engaging, enlightening chats with everyone from Abdullah Saeed to Rico Nasty to Aly Sorto to Jason Goldwatch — if that's not a grizzly lineup, I don't know what is. This week will keep the bar high as we connect with comedian and Queens of the Stoned Age standout Rachel "Wolfie" Wolfson and trans icon (as well as Pride Cannabis founder) Buck Angel. Remember folks: we do it all LIVE and we have no clue what the fuck we're doing, so come along for the ride and I guarantee you'll be entertained.

We know you like watching videos, but if you also know how to read, there's even more good news! This week, our editorial team has also cooked up some heat for your weedy sex pleasure. The one and only sex educator and artist Zoe Ligon (a.k.a. the Dildo Dutchess a.k.a. @thongria) not only connects with the renowned Cannasexual but also blesses us with some weed infused collages — one of which is right on top of this post! We also got Sophie Saint Thomas to teach us a thing a two, like how to enjoy some post-coital cannabis and how to make your own weed lube. She also does a deep dive on the FetLife kink community known as the diaper stoners. Now that's some shit!

If you're hungry for more, don't worry, cause we've got you. Lindsay Maharry hits the San Fernando Valley to chat with Chad Braverman, the COO and CCO of the world's largest pleasure product manufacturer, Doc Johnson, to tour their factory and get a sense of what it's like to be on top of the sex toy game. Randy Robinson gets slick with Velvet Swing CTO Juan Alaya to learn more about the science and technology behind their next level weed lube. And for the artistically inclined, Michelle Lhooq paints a picture of Pride Cannabis and how they're giving back to the LGBTQ community in Los Angeles through their commitment to arts education.

Truthfully, all this is just the tip of our iceberg, and as I'm sure you see, we don't mess around with this sex shit. The struggle is real as we continue to fight for the rights of cannabis patients and users, as well as the rights of sex workers – embodied by both the passage of Prop 64 (legalizing adult-use cannabis) as well as the defeat of Prop 60 (mandating condom use in the adult film industry) in California last year. These legal milestones are aligned with our ongoing determination to advance the causes of sexual empowerment, freedom, equality, and the end of oppression and abuse in all forms. Stay up MERRY JANE family, 'cause we're in it to win it, but we're only gonna get there if we do it together.

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