Schoolboy Q Talks with Snoop About Ditching Lean and Getting Clean on a New GGN
The iconic rapper sat down with Snoop to discuss how he kicked lean by getting hooked on video games, why hip-hip unifies people, and his goal to enter the film business.
Published on March 10, 2020

Schoolboy Q, the bad boy of Top Dawg Entertainment, doesn’t do drugs anymore. But don’t worry: He’s still smoking weed, and he proved it by sharing a blunt with Uncle Snoop on a fresh episode of GGN.

Schoolboy Q got his start in the mid-2000s as an LA gangsta rapper. In 2009, he signed to TDE and joined Black Hippy, composed of himself, Kendrick Lamar, Jay Rock, and Ab-Soul. Just a few years later, Black Hippy would catapult to hip-hop supergroup status, with praise from Tech N9ne calling them “the new NWA” and the Doggfather himself declaring that TDE’s rock-star talent surpassed even Death Row Records’ rep, where Snoop got his start.

Last year, Schoolboy Q dropped Crash Talk after taking a three-year hiatus from producing music. Part of his time-off from rapping was due to kicking a lean habit, which he said caused him to become “fat as fuck.” Nowadays, Q stays fit by lifting weights, and he replaced his syrup intake by refocusing that energy on video games, specifically Call of Duty. 

“That’s all I play now,” Q told Snoop. “I got hooked.” 

“Did you get good?” Snoop asked.

“I’m raw as fuck!” 

“That game should’ve been a movie,” Snoop said. “That may be what we need to do. Off the internet, talking about something right there. Some virtual riz-ne-ality. Gangbang movie shit, pop pop pop pop pop!” 

Will we be seeing Call of Duty in an upcoming Gangsta Gaming League tournament? We can only hope. And if that’s the case, ideally Schoolboy Q will be attending to, ahem, school some fools.

Later in the interview, Uncle Snoop and Q discussed some of their fond memories regarding the late Mac Miller, how the hip-hop community today only considers skills and not race or hometowns, Q’s dreams of landing a movie role in the near future, and how Snoop’s legendary house parties peacefully unified LA’s street gangs — even if only for one night at a time.

“I wish you could’ve came to my house back in the day. We had some of the most — these parties, cuz,” Snoop said to Q, shaking his head and smiling in retrospective disbelief. “I can’t believe my wife let me do that shit.” 


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