We Tried Penguin's CBD Products and Now We Understand the Power of Hemp
In a world where everyone is selling CBD, it's hard to tell who has quality goods and who doesn't. That's why we're writing about Penguin's product line — it's superior to the rest.
Published on February 1, 2020

Here we are. It’s 2020, and CBD rules the world. But, I’ve got a confession to make: Until recently, I felt like the last person on Earth who hadn’t tried CBD. I wanted to; I was determined to. I longed to experience all the benefits of CBD — who doesn’t want to sleep better, relax deeper, focus more, or enjoy more balance in their life? I just didn’t know where to start. 

With the market place so flooded, I felt overwhelmed and confused about CBD. What is it, extactly? What's the difference between CBD oil and a gummy or a capsule? And, for the love of all that's green, what the hell does rubbing CBD on your body do? How do you know if a product is good?

This only changed because I haphazardly conducted a series of experiments by randomly trying whatever CBD oils, creams, candies, and other products that were immediately available to me. I was hopeful. But a lot of trials felt like errors. Until I happened upon Penguin. 


Penguin: Perfection in CBD Form

After consulting the social media oracle for some good CBD brand suggestions, several responders quickly and confidently endorsed Penguin.

The name instantly intrigued me. The animal's unhurried pace, sweet sense of community, and ease-of-living embodied everything I hoped CBD would help me achieve. The cute mascot — a shapely little penguin — plastered across their website further bolstered that good feeling. 

Plus, the company’s goal of providing premium-quality CBD items at reasonable rates in the name of “bringing CBD to households everywhere” made me feel like I stumbled upon a brand that could very well be a staple in homes everywhere. 


Make Me Understand (Gently): What Is CBD?

Despite testing a ton of CBD products, I still didn't know what the hell CBD actually was. I understood that it came from the cannabis plant, but that isn’t very specific. That’s when Penguin came to my rescue. The site has a section on their site titled, “What Is CBD?”

Penguin explains that CBD is an acronym for cannabidiol, which is one of the compounds, or cannabinoids, of the hemp plant. For reference, THC is also a cannabinoid. But unlike THC, CBD is non-intoxicating. So, it will not make you feel "high." It also stimulates the user’s endocannabinoid system, which is our body’s power source that ensures other systems are working in tip-top condition. I also learned that Penguin’s products contain no THC. I appreciated that a lot, considering my aim was to feel chill — not stoned. 

Respect the (Penguin) Process

I also really admire that Penguin provides their cultivation practices and how their products are made online. In a world where everyone is selling CBD, but not all CBD is sourced or created equal, it’s important to know these types of details. A company that's not upfront about where they source their hemp from, if and how they cultivate, and how they make their products, feels shady — even if they’re not. 

Penguin states their hemp is grown with zero pesticides on an eco-conscious farm. They even manufacture their hemp through a cutting-edge CO2 extraction process that removes all traces of THC. On top of that, Penguin even posts results from third-party labs so you can verify everything online. This information proved to be more important to me than I realized. It boosted my confidence and made me feel safe. Knowing what you put into your body is a crucial element in maintaining your health. 


Penguin CBD Capsules

If we’re being honest, CBD usually doesn’t taste good, unless you like the flavor of concentrated plant matter. Knowing that, I ordered Penguin CBD capsules. I felt like the CBD gods were shining their anti-stress vibes on me when free-shipping came with the purchase. What a lovely surprise!

Once my 30-count of CBD capsules arrived, I popped my first 10mg dose. Within 40 minutes I felt something happening in my body — something I liked. The suggestion on the bottle says to take a second capsule about an hour after the first. So, I did. And I’m thrilled I did because inner peace and focus took over my existence. I definitely did not feel “high.” This was eased-back bliss. I felt like I could do anything. I knew after this experience that Penguin CBD capsules were going to be part of my regular routine. It also motivated me to give their oils a try. 


Penguin CBD Oil

Like I wrote earlier, the taste of CBD oil usually sucks.  Regardless, I wanted to see if Penguin oils might be better. And, yes. They definitely are. 

I started with Penguin’s natural-flavored CBD oil, ordering a 250mg bottle. I never occurred to me previously that I could mix the oil with food or another liquid, until I read it on the back of Penguin's CBD oil package. So, I filled up the dropper about halfway and put it into a cup of tea. 

The experience was spectacular. So, when the bottle neared completion, I opted for a 600mg bottle of the citrus flavor CBD oil. It really jazzed up my morning beverage routine. Getting a zesty dose of cannabidiol in the morning is key to having a day that's as smooth as velvet.

Following that, I decided to give Penguin’s mint CBD oil a try. I upped the ante and ordered a 1000mg bottle instead of a 600mg one. Once I received it in the mail, I opened the package and instantly placed a sample under my tongue. I held it there for about a minute-and-a-half, and within the following 10 minutes, a warm, low-impact sense of balance and ease overtook my body. I felt like I was walking on clouds. 

Now, I keep multiple varieties of Penguin CBD oil stocked in my kitchen, and switch depending on my mood. Regardless of the flavor, my mindset always takes off in a beautiful direction. 


Penguin CBD Cream

I have to confess: I had no intention of ever trying CBD cream, because rubbing weed on your body seems like a gimmick of our 420-obsessed times. But, people change, especially when you're in need. As I ran low on my regular skin cream, it hit me like a ton of bricks that I should try Penguin's CBD cream, because, why not? 

When the cream arrived, the peppermint-lavender scent swooned me at first sniff. I was delighted to use anything that smelled (to quote Outkast) so fresh and so clean. 

Without any transition, I used Penguin CBD cream just as I did my other daily wash-up products. There was a noticeable difference! The cream gave my skin a happy glow. I felt bright, youthful, and relaxed. The blissfulness I typically feel on the inside from Penguin products was definitely present now on the outside.


Penguin CBD Gummies

Good CBD gummies are hard to find. I have tried more than a few supposed CBD varieties that have either made me woozy or — even more often — were just regular candies dressed up in bogus "CBD" packaging. Rest assured, Penguin gummies are the real deal. 

Like the capsules, each gummy package contains 30 worms individually dosed with 10mg of CBD. The're are a dynamic treat — they pick-you-up and a chill-you-out at the same time. No other compound triggers that sense of balance.


Do Yourself a Favor: Penguin Up and Chill Out

I’ve been preaching the virtues of Penguin CBD since I first discovered the company, which isn’t something I typically do — even for the things I like. In fact, friends have offered me samples of other brands, and I don't even really want to try them anymore. It's pointless! I find that Penguin’s products are consistently superior. 

“Keep calm and waddle on!” is the company’s slogan, which is truly a winning philosophy. Thanks to Penguin CBD, I’m now living my best life.  

This article was made in partnership with Penguin CBD

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