The relationship between cannabis and canines has evolved considerably in recent years, moving from the questionable practice of high school kids blowing bong smoke at the family dog to a blooming legal market of medicinal cannabis products aimed at pets. Research has found that CBD, the non-psychoactive cannabinoid trending across the world, can treat a number of ailments that afflict our pooches and felines, from arthritis and anxiety, to skin disorders and seizures. And now there’s a myriad of cannabis brands offering our pets the same medicinal relief that the magical plant provides us humans.

Until recently, it was illegal for vets to recommend or even talk about CBD with pet owners. Dr. Gary Richter, a veterinarian specializing in integrative healthcare and owner of Montclair Veterinary Hospital in Oakland, explained to MERRY JANE in a recent interview: “I have had people come into my office with pets that are in pain, or pets that have cancer, or pets that have various diseases — or conversely, I've had people come into my office that are self-medicating their pets with cannabis in ways that are potentially harmful. And the state would tell me that basically my job is to sit on my hands and say nothing.”

However, with all things cannabis, the times are changing, and policy is evolving in favor of the public and pets alike. With the recent passing of California bill AB 2215, which allows veterinarians to dispense cannabis medications to animals as of January 1, 2019, vets will finally be allowed to responsibly prescribe medical marijuana products that many owners are already aware of, but too nervous to administer themselves.

This holiday season, give the gift of relief to the only beings in your life who unswervingly bring you joy. Here are some of our favorite canna-products for your pets, whether they’re a good boy, a bad boy, or too old to know the difference. 

For the Mildly Panicked Pup…


ZenPup’s Happy Calming Supplement

Ever since shelter dogs became the cause du jour, there seems to have been an explosion of super-cute-yet-slightly-nuts pups introduced into the dog-owning zeitgeist. However charming your dog’s neurosis may be, there comes a time when incessant spinning and barking at men in hats needs to stop. For the mildly panicked pup in your life, we couldn’t recommend a better product than ZenPup’s Happy Calming Supplement.

ZenPup’s Happy Calming Supplement is a spray that aids in soothing anxiety and joint mobility, promoting an overall sense of joy and relaxation for your stressed out little bud. Spray 2-3 sprays per 25lbs of this bacon-flavored broad spectrum hemp oil on food, in water, or directly into their mouths, and watch as their expressions of anxiety melt into a puddle of something far less annoying. Plus, with sleek branding and packaging, this product will look as good on your shelf as it makes your furry partner-in-crime feel. 

For more on ZenPup, visit the company’s website here

For the Spoiled, Tiny Monarch…


Rowley’s Good Stuff Pet CBD

Having spoiled my shih tzu, Trina, to the point that she won’t eat her $30-a-bag kibble unless I hand-feed it to her one piece at a time, I understand the plight of trying to trick a dog that turns down salmon filet into eating, say, an infused dog treat. While she revels in the state of utter relaxation CBD brings her, getting her to actually consume CBD without jamming a dropper down her throat (which feels wrong) can be a challenge. 

If your dog considers themselves a tiny monarch, refusing even the kind of treats a a stoned human would love, try Rowley’s Pet CBD. This delicious peanut butter paste, made only out of peanuts, salt, and honey olive and palm oil, packs 750mg CBD into a flavor no pup, nor stoner, can pass up. Use to treat any kind of discomfort, pain, or anxiety the Marie Antoinette-like pooch may experience. 

For more on Rowley’s Good Stuff, visit the company’s website here

For the Dignified (Old) Pet…



There’s nothing worse than the feeling of helplessness in watching a beloved pet age in pain. Having reached an apex of wisdom and sweetness, old cats and dogs are tender beings who deserve the utmost comfort and respect. While health issues are inevitable, suffering is not, and you can guarantee that with the help of pet product VetCBD. 

Formulated and founded by veterinarian Dr. Tim Shu, VetCBD uses full-spectrum, CBD-rich cannabis strains to responsibly treat conditions like inflammation, seizures, pain, anxiety, and even has shown promise in its ability to fight cancer. The olive oil-based serum is all natural, easy to measure, and the most straightforward way to get your pet feeling forever young. 

For more on VetCBD, visit the company’s website here

For the Good Boy…


RxCBD’s CBD Dog Treats

Does your dog listen? Do they commit fewer than 3 accidents per month? Are they nice to other dogs and your loud friends, even though you keep them up all night? Does your dog only beg sometimes, when the food smells really, really good? 

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you have a good boy on your hands, one who immediately deserves RxCBD’s CBD Dog Treats. Each chicken-flavored, gluten, wheat, soy, corn, and dairy free treat is packed with CBD, and as nutritious as a dog vitamin. With human-grade ingredients like organic flax seed (offering healthy omega-3 oils and beneficial fiber), nutritional yeast (rich in B vitamins, Omega fatty acids, antioxidants, and acts as a natural flea control), parsley, and cage-free eggs, you’ll be maintaining your best friend’s mental and physical wellness from the inside out. 

For more on RxCBD, visit the company’s website here

For the Bad Boy…


Dooby’s “Blunt” Cigar Hemp Dog Toy

Does your dog stare at you in open defiance when given any kind of command? Do they knock over your beer and feverishly drink it off the floor as you scramble to clean it up? Have they been staying out late with strays from the neighborhood, ignoring your calls?  Is the neighbor’s dog unexplainably pregnant?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, your dog is a bad boy, probably 4 lyfe. Instead of trying to fight it, as resistance breeds rebellion, hook your bad boy up with the ultimate hot boy accessory — a blunt. 

Not only is Dooby’s Dog Toys Original Blunt clearly badass, it’s also functional and eco-friendly. Made from super strong natural hemp fiber and double-seamed, this superior blunt plush toy is sure to outlast even the littest cypher. To top it all off, a premium duck squeaker nestled inside adds an unexpected touch of excitement that no bad boy can resist.

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