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Alongside healthy eating, exercise, and a lock on the liquor cabinet, a solid dose of house cleaning is a pretty common New Year’s resolution. But while your own anti-clutter crusade may have turned up old socks and past-due bills, rapper Redman’s mother found more than just dust bunnies while cleaning her own home. 

In an Instagram video uploaded over the weekend and first reported by Marijuana Moment, the rapper showed off the decades-old doja his mom uncovered, fessing up to ownership of the now-brown and shaky bud. This didn’t stop his mom from suggesting that they sell the vintage marijuana memorabilia on eBay — an auction that we would empty our bank accounts for, even though it’s definitely illegal. 

But while the still-packed dimebags of pre-millenium pot may look like literal grass compared to what’s on dispensary shelves these days, Redman quickly points out that the 20-year-old weed was once the East Coast’s top-shelf smoke. He explains that one particular bag was purchased from famed Harlem weed dealer, Branson, who reportedly inspired the character Samson in Half Baked, and was name-dropped in a who’s who of ‘90s rap hits from the likes of Notorious B.I.G., Jadakiss, Cam’ron, Jim Jones, and, of course, Redman himself.

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“If you don’t know what that bag is, it’s from one of the East Coast riders of marijuana,” Redman said in the Instagram post. “Branson, baby. That’s an official Branson bag.”

With so much history wrapped up in tiny cellophane bags, we’re guessing Redman and his mom held off from smoking the stale skunk. While we doubt it will end up on eBay, someone should put the Branson bud in a museum for posterity’s sake.

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