The cannabis industry is erupting around the world, with the so-called "green rush" unfolding before our very eyes. Scientific discoveries surrounding the plant's amazing medicinal, holistic, and spiritual benefits are consistently being unearthed around every corner. Whether it's marijuana's potential to treat veterans suffering from PTSD or how weed can be used to enhance your sex life, people are breaking away from outdated perceptions of cannabis and are reconsidering it in a myriad of downright revolutionary ways.

Women are stepping up in the movement, shattering glass ceilings. Businesses are learning to navigate the uncharted terrain, finding ways to innovate in the entrepreneurial landscape. More celebrities are getting involved in the space. Everyone is thirsty for knowledge, eager to learn more. Thankfully, there are some amazing podcasts devoted to disseminating vital information about this quickly evolving world. Below, we've rounded up a handful of our top-favorite cannabis-focused podcasts — perfect if you're based in California and are stuck in traffic on the way to the dispensary. In the wise words of Timothy Leary, "Turn on, tune in…" well, you know what to do next.

The Cannabist Show

The Cannabist Show began as a weekly 420-friendly talk show hosted by the world's first marijuana editor Ricardo Baca. From a studio inside The Denver Post's Cannabist offices, the show is now hosted by comedian/cannabis activists Jake Browne and Janae Burris. The podcast is available in video and audio formats and covers the "ideas, art, food, news & culture of cannabis." In other words, #AllThingsWeed. Along with segments produced by The Denver Post's Cannabist writers on the cannabis beat, hosts Jake and Janae add lively takes recapping each week's industry happenings. Regular guests are featured on the program, offering a peek inside the minds of practitioners, entrepreneurs, and advocates working to elevate the scene. Watch and listen all the way through to "Pot or Not," a fun trivia game Browne plays with guests to test their cannabis knowledge.


Back in March, Longform (a site and podcast that features notable longform journalism) co-founder Aaron Lammer started a new podcast called Stoner, one that documents conversations with creative people about cannabis. From issues surrounding racism and sexism in the industry to the science behind the plant to the stigmas cannabis patients and enthusiasts encounter, Lammer dives deep with an array of interesting guests like cannabis educator Emma Chasen, esteemed journalist Amanda Chicago Lewis, and Vimeo creator Jake Lodwick, to name a few. Read MERRY JANE's past interview with Lammer here. Then, sit back and toke one while you listen to all 26 episodes of Stoner online. Radio

Few people are as lively, fun and kindheartedly supporting medical and recreational cannabis as the crew at MagicalButter. Radio highlights the news, information, and excitement of the cannabis industry featuring the antics and commentary of CEO Garyn Angel, Sales Manager Chris Whitener, Chef Joey, and the rest of the MagicalButter crew. The program includes healthy portions dedicated to the very latest in cannabis cuisine, updates on MagicalButter events, as well as entrepreneurship advice. Listeners can follow along live on MagicalButter's Facebook page. Future episodes will feature call-in guests covering the updates in the industry along with product prize giveaways.

The Burning Bush Podcast

Tyler Hurst became an intentional cannabis consumer in 2009, using the plant to transition off of 16 different doctor-prescribed medications for lifelong anxiety and depression. In the process, Hurst lost 45 pounds and was able to confront a stress disorder that had been plaguing him. With a desire to catalog the changes he experienced during this time, The Burning Bush podcast was born. Expect to hear product reviews, live event broadcasts, interviews with industry insiders in his home state of Arizona, and discussions on current affairs with some of his friends in the cannabis industry. Plus, Hurst is creating content about dosing, so others can use his medical cannabis journey as a guide. You can catch The Burning Bush on Soundcloud, Stitcher, Overcast, iTunes, and Android.

Periodic Effects

Periodic Effects is a podcast focused on both the business and science sides of the cannabis industry. The show is hosted by Wayne Schwind, CEO & Founder of Periodic Edibles, a cannabis infused caramel company. Episodes feature Schwind meeting with entrepreneurs and executives inside the cannabis industry to share stories about entering the business and what they're working on, all while providing insights on how industry participants foresee the future of cannabis. The podcast also regularly broadcasts live from the Sativa Science Club, a Portland-based collective that provides education seminars on the technical aspects of cannabis, how growers can produce therapeutic benefits, and how exactly cannabis affects the human body on a medicinal level.


The Ganjapreneur podcast offers original cannabis industry ideas meant to ignite the entrepreneurial spark. Episodes regularly feature industry entrepreneurs where host TG Branfalt prods for actionable information to help entrants improve their business strategy. TG is a journalist by trade and has covered cannabis industry news for since 2014. New episodes are released each week on Soundcloud, iTunes, and Stitcher. A written transcript of each episode can be found online, too. Each compelling episode provides an opportunity to learn from stakeholders, cultivators, experts, and activists on the front line of the legal cannabis industry.

Cannabis Radio

The best part of Cannabis Radio? It's more than just a single podcast. It's home to nearly 30 unique podcasts hosted by some of the industry's greatest minds. From Tommy and his son Paris Chong's regular show, to programs hosted by activist and High Times writer Radical Russ Belville, growmaster Kyle Kushman, Chip Baker, Dr. Dina, Blunt Business, and Doc Rob, to name a few, Cannabis Radio is an online destination for all things green. The site even features multi-episode series categorized by medical and recreational cannabis states. Whether you're are an activist, enthusiast, cannabusiness owner, politician, or policy maker, Cannabis Radio is an excellent hub for tuning in to the industry. Listen via iHeartRadio, iTunes, Stitcher, Spreaker and TuneIn.

Bonus Podcast: Joe Rogan Experience

While the Joe Rogan Experience (JRE) isn't necessarily a cannabis podcast, it deserves an honorable mention for Rogan's efforts to normalize cannabis use, as well as his deep dives into plant-based medicine and the worlds of shamanism, space, politics, and the universe. Joe Rogan is one of the more insightful comedians of our time, and he's established himself as a highly-revered, modern day philosopher of sorts. His podcast is one of the most listened to shows in the world, with regular guests in rotation to discuss real science and research covering the endocannabinoid system, the evolution of cannabis, the formation of the fertile crescent, mass extinction events, religion, and more. JRE is in a league of its own.

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