Just CBD. Appropriately, that’s all you can buy from the online store, Just CBD. And, it’s because of this deep focus on the non-intoxicating cannabinoid that the brand has become a renowned favorite among those looking for natural relaxation remedies — especially the type that taste delicious.

“We are happy to be a comprehensive brand that can take part across several touchpoints of our consumer’s lives,” Just CBD’s Brett Sandman told us. “We offer numerous options within each of our product lines.”


Still, the mainstream obsession with CBD can be off-putting, especially because the market is saturated with product. While it’s impossible to test every CBD product ever made, we’ve sampled hundreds at this point. And we can definitively say Just CBD gummies are different from the others. Not only are they incredibly delicious, but the effects are felt almost immediately — and, believe us: That’s not typical of most CBD products.

We got our feet wet with Just CBD’s basic CBD Gummies 250mg Jar, and they rocked. These gummies greatly exceeded our expectations, so we decided to test the Just CBD Peach Rings. To our surprise, our second go-around with Just CBD gummies was just as stellar as the first. But the explosion of rich, fruity flavor made the Peach Rings boldly stand out.

Time and again, Just CBD delivered on quality, effectiveness and consistency. Opting for sour-flavors, we also tried the Just CBD Emoji Special. They, too, provided all the positives of other Just CBD Gummies — but they’re actually shaped like emojis! They’re adorable and make a great gift.

Since then we’ve stocked up by ordering the Just CBD 3000mg Party Pack. Our fur babies are aboard the CBD train, too, and they’re also in love with Just CBD, particularly the Just CBD Steak Bites for Dogs.


Just CBD Gummies go down delightfully and instantly shift us into a light, free, and happy mood every time — whether we’re looking to sharpen our mental focus or power down and mellow out. There’s also no funky aftertaste, either. It’s all… Just CBD! So what is the secret of Just CBD Gummies?

“Our customers like three things,” Brett said. “Simplicity, convenience, and effectiveness, and a gummy is the perfect way to deliver that. We all know what a gummy tastes like, and how to eat one. It’s easy, and it works. Just CBD Gummies, along with all our products, offer the best combination of scientific background with a real passion for CBD. We are fortunate to have a big team that is dedicated to creating top quality products. Our scientists work hard to create custom formulations that really pioneer in the CBD space.”


With Just CBD at the forefront of the revolution, we asked what Brett thought the future might hold for CBD itself. “I think the question should be, ‘What does CBD hold for the future?’” he replied. “I believe CBD will be sold in just about every store in the country within the next couple of years. Once that happens, it will be a part of daily routine and push society towards natural healing.”

As we head first toward a more enlightened future, Brett told us, “Just CBD will continue our extensive research to make sure we provide top quality products. We will always work fiercely and tirelessly to do so. We believe we can be the Band-Aid or Kleenex of CBD. If you want a CBD product you will say ‘Just CBD,’ regardless of the brand.”

If you try a Just CBD product, you’ll find that chewing is believing — in Just CBD!

*This was written in collaboration with Just CBD