Photos via CandleBudz / Scotty Avalos 

Sometimes, America’s piecemeal cannabis industry makes it hard for weed fans in certain states to try their most sought after strains. Sure, black market sellers use fake labels to trick buyers, but for the real thing, it often takes a flight to California and a trip to a licensed dispensary. If you’re simply looking for the sweet, floral, or gassy funk that comes with particular varieties of our favorite plant, however, you’re in luck. 

CandleBudz, a new brand based out of Irvine, California, just teamed up with some of the Golden State ganja industry’s biggest brands like Cookies, Sherbinskis, and Dr. Greenthumb to bring weed smokers around the world authentic terpene-infused aromatherapy derived directly from strains like Gelato, Jack Herer, and Jet Fuel OG. Yep, the company is dropping the industry’s first ever strain-specific, terpene-infused candles. 

“We considered the overall cannabis experience and thought, ‘How can we replicate this for people who don’t have access to these famous brands and strains?’” Candlebudz CEO Bryan Jordan told MERRY JANE in an email. “Candles are the perfect product to deliver this unique and precise consumer experience.”

Since terpenes do not contain any federally illicit THC or CBD, CandleBudz’s dank aromatherapy is available to consumers all over the world. And while the soy-based candles may smell exactly like ripe bud, weed scents aren’t actually illegal in any country, as long as the product isn’t full of cannabinoids like THC. 

“Our candles in many cases represent the first opportunity for people to be able to experience the aroma of cannabis flowers,” Jordan of CandleBudz said in a press release. “Now a cannabis brand follower in Japan will be able to experience the aromatic qualities of a global cannabis brand first-hand.”


To achieve the exact scent of their favorite strains, CandleBudz teamed up with Abstrax, a company known for isolating particular terpenes and aromas, such as weed’s gassy smell, and making them replicate famous strains like Lemon Pound Cake from Cookies. And with hundreds of scent profiles already put together, expect new candles to replicate even more strains in the near future. 

“We collaborated with industry leaders and master cultivators to analyze the most popular genetics,” Max Koby, CEO of Abstrax, said. “We have mapped over 400 terpene and aroma compounds to truly replicate the aromas and flavors of each brand’s cannabis strain. Through this process, we discovered previously unknown compounds that allow us to produce more precise cannabis terpene aromas for mainstream commercial products.”

You can buy Candlebudz in six different strains from their website here.

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