If there’s anything that can unite the left and the right in this country, it’s titties. From newborn infants to grown ass men: titties are universally beloved. Among the list of the most beautiful titties in the world, Janice Griffith’s are certainly in the top 5. 

But there’s so much more to Janice than her tits. She is a talented activist who supports and advocates for her community no matter what. She is smart, she pays attention, and she isn’t afraid to say the quiet part Loud. Here at MERRY JANE, we love women like Janice. 

In this very special Sex Week 2018 edition of “How We Roll,” Janice shows us two of her many talents: her ability to roll a perfectly symmetrical blunt, and her ability to get fully nude in situations that absolutely do not call for it.  

Whether you’re in it for the boobs, the blunts, or the Kermit the frog outfit, this video has something for you. 

To watch the uncensored video, visit Janice's Page on Pornhub here

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