To promote her new show Grace and Frankie, Jane Fonda graced the cover of DuJour Magazine’s Spring 2015 issue and spoke about about looking good, getting older, and smoking cannabis. As she ages, the two-time Academy Award winner and fitness guru seems to have found a renewed exuberance for life. “I have a strong belief that older people have a greater sense of well-being. Older women in particular, it’s like, ‘What the hell do we have to lose?’” Fonda said.

Revealing all, Fonda admitted to DuJour, “I’ll smoke pot every now and then. That revelation comes with a caveat, of course. I cannot see a movie on pot. The number of movies I’ve seen thinking, ‘This is probably the best I’ve ever seen,’ and then I’ll it again sober and think, ‘What was I thinking?’” Could cannabis be contributing to Fonda’s newfound sense of well-being? Either way, Jane Fonda continues to live, work, and smoke with enduring vitality.