If Ilana Glazer wasn’t Ilana Glazer she would be a back up dancer. (Wouldn't we all, or is that just me?)

On this episode of GGN, which was filmed on Ilana’s birthday, she sits down with Snoop Dogg and it’s like they’ve been friends forever. We all know her from Broad City, but prior to her stardom, Ilana, and co-star/BFF Abby, were taking everything into their own hands with their web series. One theme throughout Broad City is the respect, admiration, and love of marijuana. It’s no coincidence that Ilana and Snoop get along so well seeing as smoking weed is one of their shared favorite hobbies.

After hitting one of Snoop's famous blunts a few times, Ilana gives Snoop a copy of the Time Traveling Bong, which aired back in April on Comedy Central in a three night special, and a weed cookie—even though she hates edibles. But much to her surprise, Snoop hates them too. Even Seth Rogen said he hated edibles when he was on GGN. Maybe all true stoners hate edibles… maybe they’re just already too stoned… maybe I’m just too stoned…

After talking about Time Traveling Bong and, of course hitting the blunt a few more times, Snoop asks Ilana what other things she wants to do in life. llana says she would like to make and maybe star in a critically acclaimed movie, and Snoop quickly tells her that if she wants to do that she needs to have sex…and more specifically, a threesome. I mean…if the deal’s right, right?

After more hitting of the blunt, you can only imagine what else this God-given duo talk about. They have us laughing so much that we wish they would actually do a show together, and I think they came to the same conclusion. Now honestly try to tell yourself that you wouldn't watch a Snoop and Ilana show.