Seth Rogen Back on GGN
Seth Rogen smokes with Snoop Dogg and talks about his new movie, 'Neighbors 2'.
Published on May 17, 2016

Seth Rogen is back on GGN and whenever Snoop Dogg and Seth get together, two things are guaranteed: a lot of laughs and a lot of weed.

GGN is usually a hood news talk show that is interview-based, but when Seth and Snoop are around each other it's like two best buds hanging out.

Seth tells Snoop about Neighbors 2, a sequel to one of his classic box office hits. Expect to see the same hilarious antics from the cast of the first film with huge additions like Chloë Graze Moretz and Kiersey Clemons aka that super cute chick from Dope. The main difference this time around is that Seth and his movie-wife, Rose Byrne, take on the sorority girls which is scary to think what prank wars will ensue. And, of course, weed plays a big role in the movie as well.

Seth and Snoop talk about their personal relationships with their neighbors and just like Seth says, “good fences make good neighbors.”

Switching gears from their neighbors to drug preferences, it's evident that these two were destined to get along so well.

They both love mushrooms. They both hate edibles. They both love weed.

Snoop is more of an OG Kush guy—claiming Wiz has the best on the market right now with his Khalifa Kush—while Seth is a sativa kind of dude. I think it's safe to say that Seth and Snoop would have the time of their lives if they ever went to Joshua Tree together.

Neighbors 2 is out May 20 so be sure to go see it because what's better than Seth Rogen and sorority girls?

After smoking literally 7 blunts between the two of them, you can count on this to be a sesh episode to remember.

So sit down, light one, and enjoy this episode of GGN. Trust us when we say the only thing that would make this any better would be if they were wearing matching Versace robes.

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