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Here's What Going To E3 On Shrooms Is Like

Kids, don't try this at home — unless you have an undying urge to lose your mind at the world's largest video game convention.

by Zeus Tipado

by Zeus Tipado

Stoned gamers, whatever you do don’t tell my mother I fasted 12 hours before shooting this Super High Score episode and consumed an entire 1/8th of psilocybe cubensis mushrooms, otherwise known as magic mushrooms. Actually don’t tell any of my parents I went to the world’s largest video game convention under the influence of a heavy psychedelic. It’s just too much to handle. Another thing that’s too much to handle — eating an 1/8th of mushrooms at E3.

Looking back at this episode in all of its post-production glory, it’s extraordinary that I didn’t stop in the middle of the Los Angeles Convention Center and scream “HELP ME, I’M CONFUSED!”

Instead, I internalized all of my psychotic bouts and attempted to use the English language and basic human actions to convey what I experienced — and it’s all neatly tucked inside this episode of the Super High Score you’re about to watch.


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Zeus Tipado

Zeus Tipado is the creator of The Stoned Gamer, producer, and developer out of Los Angeles. He holds a B.A. in Psychology from the University of Arizona, and a M.A. in Media Theory from the University of South Wales in the UK. He is also the creator of MiddleEasy and a former writer for High Times Magazine. You can find Zeus on Twitter @tipado and while you're at it, follow The Stoned Gamer at @tsgtwt on Twitter and @instastonedgamer on Instagram.



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