Kevin Durant, Draymond Green and the Golden State Warriors are one win away from securing their second NBA championship in three years, but as they get ready to face the Cavaliers in a pivotal Game 5 matchup on Monday the Warriors will be greeted by some new buds at their downtown Oakland practice facility – the 2017 Cannabis Business Summit and Expo.

According to Sports Illustrated’s Lee Jenkins, the Warriors practice courts are on the top floors of the same downtown Oakland hotel that will be hosting the annual cannabis convention. With the summit and Game 5 both set for Monday, it looks like there could be a haze hanging over the lobby before Dubs morning practice.

The NBA Finals have already had one unforeseen cannabis incident after reporters smelled weed coming from the Cavaliers’ locker room after Game 2, so we’re guessing the Warriors will be on their best behavior if they run into Cheech and Chong at the valet counter.

Of course, as soon as Twitter found out that two of the Bay Area’s favorite entities would be sharing the same Marriott, the jokes started pouring in.

To be fair, though, Kevin Durant did get a giant tattoo of Rick James while he was on vacation in Amsterdam last summer – so don’t be too surprised if you see a 7-footer in a wig and glasses hanging around the hydroponic booths.