Get the Best of THC and CBD with Moonwlkr’s Delta-8-THC Gummies
Delta-9-THC can cause anxiety or paranoia, and CBD may not be strong enough to take off the day’s edge. What if there was something that combined the best parts of THC and CBD with none of their downsides? Nevada’s Moonwlkr delta-8-THC is the answer.
Published on March 12, 2021

We all know about the wonders of weed’s CBD and THC, otherwise known as delta-9-THC. But delta-9-THC can be a bit much for some people, and CBD can do too little. 

However, there’s now a third option. It’s called delta-8-THC, a version of the THC we all know and love, but in a smoother, lighter package. 

Delta-8-THC “is the median between CBD and delta-9-THC,” Swaroop Suri, Marketing Director at cannabis company Moonwlkr, told MERRY JANE. “The high is different.”


What Is Delta-8-THC?

To explain this, we’re gonna give you a quick crash course in organic chemistry. If this gets too technical, just skip to the next section below.

Delta-9-THC gets its name from a double bond between the molecule’s so-called #9 and #10 carbon atoms. The carbon atoms in an organic compound like THC are numbered according to a special system. A double bond occurs when two atoms (in this case, the #9 and #10 carbons in THC’s big carbon ring) share two electron pairs instead of just one.


Delta-8-THC with numbered carbon atoms

Delta-8-THC is nearly identical to the delta-9 version, except its double bond occurs between the #8 and #9 carbons on the big ring. This may seem trivial, but in the chemistry world, that double bond shift by just a single carbon can change the molecule’s properties. And so it goes with delta-8-THC.


Delta-9-THC with numbered carbon atoms

The Different Highs Between Delta-8-THC vs. Delta-9-THC

So, how does delta-8-THC feel compared to delta-9? Delta-9 can cause anxiety, dizziness, or feelings of discomfort for some cannabis consumers. In fact, some cannabis consumers avoid delta-9 simply because it doesn’t jive with their brains.

But delta-8 is the gentler, kinder form of delta-9. Delta-8 will get you lit AF, but without the anxiety, jitters, or paranoia that can accompany delta-9. 

“With CBD alone,” said Suri, “users may feel something, but there aren’t any psychoactive properties. They won’t experience a high.” On the other hand, too much delta-9-THC, or even small amounts for some sensitive consumers, could be overwhelming.

Delta-8-THC will still get you thoroughly ripped, but it “can get you through the day without [it] being too intense,” he added. “Many users have described it as a clear-headed high that delivers a sense of calm and focus” compared to delta-9-THC or CBD.

Think of delta-8 as the Goldilocks of Ganja: You can get too high from delta-9, whereas CBD won’t get you high at all. If that’s the case, then delta-8 is just right.

In other words, delta-8’s heady effects straddle that sweet spot between these two more famous cannabis rock-star compounds.


Why Choose Moonwlkr’s Delta-8-THC Goodies?

Moonwlkr stands as one of the few trusted delta-8 infusion companies. The company is best known for its delta-8-THC gummies, which come in four fruity flavors so mouthwatering you may need to catch yourself from drooling all over the place. They’re even offering FREE sample packs to allow users to experience the effects for themselves.


Moonwlkr’s gummies offer something for every type of sweet tooth. You’ve got Mango Kush for the tropical palate, Blue Dream Berry for a time-honored delight, Watermelon Zkittlez for some extra-sweet, and Sour Strawberry Diesel for those who prefer a little, well, bite with each bite.

Each gummy packs a walloping 25mg of delta-8-THC, for a total of 625mg across 25 gummies. 

And since we know you’ll love Moonwlkr’s gummies as much as we do here at MERRY JANE, you’ll be happy to know that they offer gummies in two- and three-pack deals, too. 

If you prefer inhaling the delta-8 awesomeness, Moonwlkr’s also got you covered there. The company currently offers four vape cartridges naturally flavored with cannabis-derived terpenes. 

Each cartridge is filled with vape oil designed by some of Nevada’s premiere extraction outfits: Himalia’s Grape Runtz, Telesto’s Orange Chemdawg, Calypso’s Strawberry Gelato, and Titan’s Sour Lemon Haze.

Hey, don’t take our word for it, either. Moonwlkr’s gummies and vape carts have received glowing reviews, which you can peep for yourself.



For even more testimonials, head over to Moonwlkr’s website and see how other customers are raving over their delta-8-THC treats!

If you’ve avoided cannabis edibles or vapes simply because the high can be too much, you can finally kiss those days goodbye. 

Moonwlkr’s delta-8-THC gummies and carts will ensure a smooth, delightful ride….

Every. Single. Time. 


To purchase Moonwlkr’s delta-8-THC products, or to learn more about this amazing compound, visit the company’s website here.

**This was made in partnership with Moonwlkr

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