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As marijuana moves into the mainstream, the half baked, Rasta-colored aesthetic that's hampered our wonder plant for decades has finally faded in lieu of something more sophisticated. Legal cannabis has exploded in the wedding industry as of late, from custom-designed medicated cakes to multi-course meals, endless gift ideas, spice to excite bachelor and bachelorette parties — you name it.

In our never ending quest to project individuality, millennials have begun to change the age-old ceremony itself. And as weddings become less traditional, so do the gifts deemed acceptable. The emerging market of extremely high-end cannabis products has found specific traction, akin to gifting an expensive bottle of wine or cheese shop basket, with Cannabis Couture weddings, as they're sometimes called.

To help usher marijuana into the arena of public acceptance and lift the stigma surrounding these products, visibility is key. What better way to begin associating cannabis with the world of luxury celebration than gifting it at whatever wedding you have coming up?

Here are some artful and evolved gift ideas that fully realize the term Cannabis Couture, whether the receiving couple are pros, novices, or decidedly less deserving than the incessantly annoying, stressed-out bridesmaid who probably would benefit from them more.

Huxton's High Fi Series Pre Rolls

Huxton's High Fi Series pre rolled joints are capable of redefining the wedding gift in that they are as great a gift to the ceremony itself as they are a gift for the bride and groom after the honeymoon, when the cold monotony of their future begins to set in.

Instead of focusing on strain specifics, which would be wholly opaque to a first time or infrequent user, Huxton has tailored experiences under the monikers Rise (uplifting), Zen (winding down), and High Fi (celebratory). If the words indica or sativa mean nothing to your pre-nuptial acquaintances, but they want to know how a joint would make them feel before jumping in, these pre rolls are a sure-fire pick. Each tin contains six joints, matches included.

Visit Huxton's website for more on the company

Daniela Villegas x Beboe Container Necklace

Disclaimer: unless you are fabulously wealthy or could not think more highly of the recipients, this probably isn't the gift for you.

Los Angeles-based jewelry designer, Daniela Villegas, the work of whom I am officially obsessed with, has teamed up with luxury pen company Beboe to blow our minds. Villegas is known for projecting her love of nature through her work, mixing precious stones and metals with natural elements like beetles, feathers, and porcupine quills. Beboe, a pen company founded by celebrity tattoo artist, Scott Campbell, and fashion executive, Clement Kwan, is leading the way in luxury canna-products with impeccably packaged, single-use sativa blend vapes.

Each one-of-a-kind pen holder shines in 18k yellow gold, encrusted with precious and semi-precious stones like emeralds, diamonds, sapphires and lapis. In a "price available upon request" type of situation, you probably can't afford it. And honestly, if you can afford it, I suggest keeping this gorgeous piece of art for yourself.

Visit Daniela Villegas' website and Beboe's for more on their next-level luxury canna-gear

Genifer M Jewelry Sativa Leaf Pendant

If you want to gift something shiny, but dropping thousands on someone you'll rarely see after the ceremony isn't your thing, check out this affordable sativa leaf pendant from Genifer M Jewelry.

Cast from an actual marijuana leaf, the luxury cannabis jewelry company has made these beautiful little pendants available in 14K yellow gold, white gold, sterling silver, or encrusted with diamonds. It can be affixed to any necklace, bracelet or anklet, with chains available separately on the site. In addition, it can be made into cufflinks by request, and custom orders are available for couples.

Visit Genifer M's website for more of her amazing jewelry

To Whom It May Cannabis Chocolates

Tasteful in more ways than one, here is another gift that could be enjoyed in the midst of the ceremony, shared amongst friends, or savored by the post-nuptial couple. To Whom it May Chocolates is the flagship brand of The Art of Edibles Cannabis Collective, a delivery-only, membership-based cannabis collective in Los Angeles. These chocolate bonbons and truffles are exquisitely crafted using Flow Kana sungrown flower from the Emerald Triangle, coconut oil, and premium natural ingredients.

Their Party Palette Box is a fabulous gift in that it offers one column of each of their four flavors, Vivienne (cherry cayenne bonbon), Zak (smoked almond butter truffle), Myra (hazelnut brandy bonbon), and Ralph (hazelnut butter). Each flavor comes with a piece of each dose — 2½ mg / 5 mg / 15 mg / 45 mg. And, if the happy couple falls on the tamer side, eight non-medicated chocolates are included as well.

Visit To Whom It May Chocolates' website for more on the company

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