Flowers on Flowers Arranges Blossoms with Bud for Charity
The San Diego-based company offers up the ultimate way to wow a first date: a bouquet of flowers, featuring actual flower!
Published on September 25, 2017

Photos courtesy of Flowers on Flowers

Finally, the ultimate way to wow a first date: a bouquet of flowers, featuring actual flower — as in, cannabis. Flowers on Flowers CEO Leslie Monroy says the idea struck her while stoned and studying in floral school. After all, doesn't it kinda make all sorts of sense? Blending something as beautiful as locally-sourced blooms with something just as beautiful: weed.

The bouquets, varying in composition and price, make ideal gifts or perfectly complement a bridesmaid's look (in addition to actual flower bundles, FoF hawks fake bud flower crowns and various accessories). And, since a childhood in the Quaker church instilled a taste for tithing, Monroy donates proceeds to Canines for Disabled Kids. MERRY JANE caught up with Monroy to chat about what goes into their pseudo nugs, how she selects growers with whom to collaborate, and stoned creativity.

MERRY JANE: Flowers on Flowers is Southern California's first medical marijuana florist. How did you start to combine flowers with flower?
Leslie Monroy: We actually aren't only in Southern California. We have florists in the Bay Area, Humboldt county, Oregon, Florida, Seattle, Canada, and we just added two more lovely girls — one in Spain the other Poland. I am always looking for more florists! (If you know any, please send them all my way.) I've always loved the idea of showcasing different artists' creativity; I like seeing what people can make when given a platform and the right motivation. … In floral school, I was always the biggest stoner. Every break I would take a walk and smoke a blunt — everyone knew it. My teacher often made silly comments and sometimes I would have company from classmates. One stony break, I just kinda thought [adding cannabis to a bouquet] would be clever and decided to try it in class. No one but the girl who smoked with me that day noticed and I just kinda ran with it.

How do you decide what strains to incorporate?
We constantly switch strains. I love to showcase growers, as well. We always have an indica, sativa, and hybrid option. Just like with artists, growers love the opportunity to showcase their hard work. They are so proud of their plants, strains, potency, or any variety of things. I absolutely love this. I love people who are so excited about what they have made [and] want everyone to know. This is how I decide my strains, by finding proud growers who are excited to give the best.

The cannabis crowns are really beautiful. Who is the targeted demographic with that? Do brides ever use them in ceremonies?
First off thanks, for the compliment! We looove to make crowns and we have made them for all different kinds of people. Brides love their flower crowns, but more often it is the bridesmaids who wear the crowns to match the bridal bouquet. We make quite a bit of canna crowns as surprise birthday presents, photo shoot props, girls' night out, and all kinds of specialty events. Must say Pride was one of our favorites this year. We handed out rainbow crowns in support of our local LGBT friends and it was just so magical.

Tell me about the faux bud accessories.
Our faux cannabis "nugs" are quite deceiving. They look real but are anything but. Containing no cannabis at all, you can take them anywhere. Go to every concert, event, show, party, get on a airplane, basically do whatever. Handmade out of happiness and sparkles (our trade secret), they are definitely a conversation starter.

And Flowers on Flowers has a major philanthropic edge. How did you arrive on that?
Our charity! I'm in looove with the CDK. Canines For Disabled Kids is a wonderful charity that helps children under 12 get service animals. We have been working with this charity for about eight or nine months now and it's one of the most gratifying things I've ever done. I was raised in a Quaker church, my dad being a pastor. I have always tithed. Once on a trip to a Mexican orphanage that my father used to frequent, I wondered what would happen if they had all of our tithes every week. Since then, I have given all of my tithes to all kinds of charities that help less fortunate. Regardless of FoF, this is something I personally will always do. In this industry there is so much potential — why waste it on myself when I can help so many? It's more fun to live this way! I dunno I really just can't imagine surviving any other way.

For more on Flowers on Flowers, visit the company's website here

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