Bronze 56K’s New Skate Edit Makes You Feel High as a Kite
“Sophisticated Adult Entertainment” heads to Paris and Berlin to alter our visual reality.
Published on January 7, 2017

Skate crew Bronze 56K has a disturbing ability for keeping their riding tight and their accompanying visuals extra trippy. As their retroactive name suggests, the group clearly has an affinity for old school, dial-up modem-era influence and iconography, but what’s truly mind-boggling is the painstaking detail that these cats go through to make their videos more than just tongue-in-cheek and relevant. It’s subversive warfare at its best, honestly. Watching a Bronze video is a hallucinogenic journey through the zeitgeist of Internet mayhem.

This time around the squad’s gone international, hitting up both Paris and Berlin for the sole purpose of shredding. The spots are raw and the tricks varied. Essentially Bronze is opting for the oldest, proven formula in the book, if it ain’t broke, don't fix it. Or even better, if it’s worked before, go for broke!

Say what you will about the brand’s elusiveness, they’ve self-defined a winning niche that’s earned them powerful attention and nods from Palace to HUF. They’re crazy, but there’s obviously a method to the madness.

This said, pull up, kick back, and press play. But once you do, be prepared to engage in eight-plus minutes worth of mind-warping editing of modern street skateboarding featuring  the likes Kevin Tierney, Adrian Vega, Brendan Carroll, Billy McFeely, Nick Ferro, Juan Saavedra and other international friends.  

Watch the edit here

Rainey Cruz
Rainey Cruz is a Caribbean-born spirit based in New York City with interests in art, music, skateboarding, mysticism, street, and world culture.
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