PARTYNEXTDOOR, the Grammy-nominated rapper, singer, and producer, is one of the latest hip-hop maestros to create one of the first complete PARTYKITS in the cannabis space. And just as he’s taken a unique approach to his music in rap and R&B, he’s doing it different with his new cannabis brand, too.  

To celebrate the October release of PARTYNEXTDOOR’S surprise EP, PARTYPACK, the Canadian-born artist brought the party stateside with a limited-edition smoker’s kit, known as the PARTYPACK.  


PARTYPACK with Audrey Trout (@beautifully.blunt) at The Pottery in Los Angeles. All photos courtesy of Gray Area (grayarea.com)

This party-in-a-pack comes chock full of all the ganja goodies you’ll need to get the spot lit like a Bic, including custom branded rolling papers with filters, a metal grinder, a lighter, and a jar of exclusive top-shelf buds. But how can a banger by the likes of PARTYNEXTDOOR fit in just one box? 


The PARTYPACK’s party favors are fully equipped to roll the perfect joint. What’s different? The PARTYPACK’s real headliner is the cannabis, an indica-leaning strain called Triple Chocolate Chip.  


True to its name, Triple Chocolate Chip bursts with hints of gooey chocolate, cool herbal mint, and an ultra-dank earthiness that amplifies its diesel-charged gas. Triple Chocolate Chip delivers an intoxicating, euphoric, and all-around chillaxified experience perfect for either getting the evening started or kicking back for the night. 


PARTYNEXTDOOR, in contrast to other rappers-turned-ganjapreneurs, didn’t drop the PARTYPACK with plans to establish a nationwide cannabis empire. We’ve reserved a limited amount of PARTYPACKs for the holidays that are available for the next few days. 

Where to get your own though before kits run out? PARTYNEXTDOOR’s management partnered with Gray Area agency (Marketing agency in Los Angeles), and both parties agreed that there would only be one spot that would carry the limited-release kit. That spot is The Pottery dispensary since the shop is centrally located in Los Angeles and actively advocates for a modern lifestyle with cannabis. 


So whether you’re a new fan of PARTYNEXTDOOR, been loyal to the artist since way back, or if you just really love rich, flavorful boutique bud, hit up The Pottery in LA — the only pot shop in the world offering the PARTYPACK and its exclusive Triple Chocolate Chip buds grown by Glass House Farms — before the party cashes out forever. 

Visit The Pottery’s website by clicking here

Or drop by The Pottery in person at 5042 Venice Blvd., Los Angeles, CA while the PARTYPACK is still available.

**This article was made in partnership with PARTYPACK and The Pottery