What’s left to be said about the traveling skate edit series known as Atlantic Drift that we haven’t already said before? For one, the series hasn’t hadn’t made its way to the Big Apple – that is until this latest installement. And two, the editing just keeps getting  more and more seamless each episode. Now that that’s out of the way, we can get to the nitty gritty of “Atlantic Drift Episode 4” and its beautiful excursion through New York City.

The gang is definitely all present for the five-borough pillage that takes place in this latest episode. That specifically means the bomb squad of Tom Knox, Casper Brooker, Mark Suciu, Jordan Trahan, Kryon Davis, Remy Taveira, and Vincent Touzery, among others for this time around. And boy do they friggin’ slay the city in half. It was open season on everything from the reopened Brooklyn Banks to Hunts Point in the South Bronx. The crew rips and dips across anything and everything, all harmoniously timed and beautifully edited to the sounds of dreamy tracks like Fite Bite’s “Caitline” and Private Sector’s “54th Floor.”

It’s eight minutes of pure magic and we’re not just saying that to ride the wave. Jacob Harris really gets skateboarding, and knows how to keep the mind and spirit in synch with his edits. Contrary to the series’ title, there really isn’t a moment when your attention drifts off to anywhere else.

New York summers are hot and grueling and it’s always a treat to see what visiting skaters come and do when they travel through. Though we usually end up waiting until the end of summer to catch worthwhile edits of what went down, thanks to the marvels of technology, and some elbow grease, we’ve got this special edition of Atlantic Drift that really brings the Trans-Atlantic aesthetic over and applies it to the East Coast mecca.