If you’ve had the flute-heavy beat to Future’s “Mask Off” stuck in your head for the past couple months, you’re not alone. But finally, after weeks of homemade #MaskOffChallenge videos flooding our timelines, Future has released an official video to go along with the song that’s had you mumbling “molly, percocet” under your breath all spring.

The video shows Future and video vixen Amber Rose riding in a Bentley through a riotous city ripe with masked goons, S.W.A.T. teams and pyrotechnics. And yet, through all the chaos, Future remains calm, smoking blunts and nodding his head to the world’s catchiest flute solo.

Future blessed us with back to back albums in February with the self-titled Future and the follow-up, Hendrix, and released videos for the first hits, “Draco” and “Super Trapper” shortly thereafter.

But “Mask Off” has since turned into Future’s most successful song ever, going platinum after less than three months. After blowing up like that, Future spared no expense on the video’s budget, creating his own urbanized version of Mad Max’s post-apocalyptic wasteland.

So if you’ve been trying to get Metro Booming’s woodwind production out of your head, it may take a little longer, but at least you’ll have some visuals to accompany your incessant humming.