Black market vape cartridges have flooded the cannabis market, as we’ve written about time and time again. Some of these vapes are unlicensed products made by companies that are operating illegally. Some of these vapes are knock-offs of well-known and fully-compliant cannabis brands. When it comes to anything dubbed a “Cereal Cart,” however, you’re basically dealing with both scenarios at the same time. 

What Are Cereal Carts?

All Cereal Carts are unlicensed and unregulated; any cannabis brand operating under the name is distinctly part of the black market underground. As such, the original provenance or creator of Cereal Carts is impossible to confirm. Currently, there are many different manufacturers, hustlers, or “companies” — if you can even describe them like that — that create vape cartridges with the breakfast food slapped on the label, meaning there are now knock-offs of this black market “brand.” A knock-off of a knock-off, in a way. 

Online chatter seems to indicate that DankWoods — known for their luscious (and also illegal) pre-rolled blunts — originally popularized Cereal Carts, but again, that cannot be confirmed. DankWoods is the same company responsible for the unlicensed Dank Vapes flooding the black market

It should go without saying, DankWoods is not a legit (meaning “licensed”) business, so there is no guarantee of quality or safety from anything they’re pushing. There’s a reason neither DankWoods nor Cereal Carts are carried at legal dispensaries. 

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Still, some people (including your dealer, probably) claim that the original Cereal Carts are reputable and worth smoking. And, we have to admit, they look fun. The packaging rips off actual children’s cereal boxes, including images of the Honey Nut Cheerios bee and the Cinnamon Toast Crunch chef looking high as hell. 

But since no Cereal Cart is licensed or lab tested, we highly recommend avoiding anything labeled as such, especially since people are now making lower quality versions of the original unlicensed vape line.