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On our latest episode, we’re joined by Los Angeles comedian, actress, and podcaster Sara Weinshenk. To get to know the Valley-raised jokester a little better, we kicked off the afternoon with a joint of THC Design’s pleasantly stoney XJ-13 and took a deep dive into Sara’s Instagram. While on vacation in Sara’s social, we found days of raves past, her new web series and podcast Stoned Science, and why it’s probably wise to stop yourself before going full Disney. After learning more about her new show — a high school science fair with way more weed — Sara helped us roll the news, breaking down Jeff Sessions’ latest concession, a politician vs. ganjapreneur fist fight in San Diego, and Ohio’s latest potential move towards cannabis and hemp legalization. Sticking with the many benefits of hemp, Sara then opened up her very own Bellabox from the Weekend Box, stocked with CBD tinctures, bath balms and more. And of course, it wouldn’t be About That Time without astrology, where Sara quickly learned about host Noah Rubin’s celestial celebrity connections. For more Sara Weinshenk, follow her on social media, go see her live stand-up shows, and be sure to check out Stoned Science with co-host Kimberly Congdon, streaming now.

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