How to Grind Weed Without a Grinder
If you don’t have access to a grinder, there are plenty of effective life-hacks and common tools you can use to refine your nug. Follow these DIY tips and you'll be smoking smoothly in no time.
Published on January 3, 2019

Whether you prefer smoking, vaping, or consuming your cannabis through edibles, you have to grind your flower in order to get the best results.

Grinding marijuana guarantees the easiest airflow for smoke or vapor-based consumption methods. It also exposes the plant’s trichomes — the small crystals on cannabis plants that produce cannabinoids and terpenes — which help deliver the flower’s desired effects. That’s why patients, enthusiasts, and occasional consumers alike regularly use weed-specific grinders to get the most out of their plant material. Plus, it makes rolling joints all the easier.

Designed to produce an even consistency, grinders come in all different shapes and sizes, and are considered an essential part of a cannabis user’s tool kit. Without a grinder, users might resort to tearing up the bud into small pieces by hand in order to break the plant down to a smokeable consistency. But doing so can be a clumsy process, leaving larger nuggets that won’t easily burn through. Have you ever light up a joint only to see it “canoe”? It was likely because you didn’t grind up your weed enough!

If you don’t have access to a grinder and don’t want to use your hands, there are plenty of effective life-hacks you can use that get the job done just as well. In fact, regular household items can be very helpful if you find yourself without a reefer-related device to grind your bud. Check out the below list of some DIY grinding tools that will bring the best out of your flower — you’ll thank us later!


Coffee Grinder

Electric bladed kitchen appliances like coffee grinders are the fastest and most efficient household item to use if you’re looking to create a finely ground, uniform consistency. Similar items such as blenders or food processors are especially useful if you are attempting to grind a lot of weed at one time to use in edible baking. It can be easy to accidentally over-grind your bud, though, so make sure not to pulverize your plants when using these kinds of devices. 

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Knife and Cutting Board

For those users who know their way around a kitchen and have access to chef-grade knives, this is an elegant and simple way to grind up your bud. Take safety precautions with this method, though. Using a dull knife to chop stickier cannabis flowers can be irritating and unsafe, so make sure the knife you’re using is up to the task. Also, to prevent any embarrassing or dangerous mishaps, it’s a good idea to take care of all of your chopping before consuming. 

Cheese Grater

It might sound, well, cheesy, but using this appliance to grind your weed isn’t a bad idea. Similar to the knife and cutting board method, the sharper the cheese grater, the easier the process will be. Just make sure to mind your fingers — careless grating can lead to small cuts. This method works best on dried flower because it’s faster to grind than stickier buds, and you’ll save yourself the hassle of scrubbing residue off the grater during clean up. After all, do you really want your parmesan to taste like Blue Dream?



Using scissors to chop weed is the classic DIY method, and is even considered preferable to formal grinders by some cannabis aficionados. It’s more time consuming than weed-specific grinders, but using scissors allows you to tailor size and consistency according to your personal preferences. You can use the scissors on their own, or put your bud in a shallow container like a shot glass or film canister (remember those?) before snipping away to avoid making a mess. 

A Pill Bottle and a Coin 

It’s not magic, but it sure looks like it. This is a great way to break up sticky flowers easily. Pack your bud tightly into a pill bottle (or any small container with a tight-fitting lid — like the aforementioned film canisters). Disinfect a small coin using rubbing alcohol or vinegar, and place it in the bottle with the weed. Seal the container tightly, and then shake it like a maraca. Not only will the weed will break down to a smokeable consistency, but you’ll have some fun doing it. 

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