On Queens of the Stoned Age, Merry Jane’s new series executive produced by Snoop Dogg and hosted by Cannabis Feminist founder Jessica Assaf, women — whom studies have shown consume more cannabis than men do — are speaking out about their relationship with the plant and challenging stereotypes and stigmas. In the first season, diverse groups of women discuss weed as it relates to sex, wellness, creativity, business, and their connection to other women.

On the latest episode of GGN, Queens Assaf, photographer Jennifer “Camraface” Rovero, model and social influencer Madzilla, and adult film star Janice Griffith join Snoop to talk about the many ways that cannabis can improve your life, the myth of the lazy and unaccomplished stoner, CBD and concussions in football, being open with your kids about cannabis, and more. Check out the conversation to be a part of history as it’s being made.