The Los Angeles artist joined us for a very special record release edition of our 4:20 live show, “About That Time.”

Guess what, buds? MERRY JANE has a new show on Facebook Live, broadcasting every Tuesday & Thursday at 4:20pm ET, on the dot. We’ll be bringing you guests from the worlds of cannabis and culture to just kick back, relax, talk life and blow some dro with our editor-in-chief Noah Rubin. We’ll also be taking questions from our lit audience, so get ready to roll your favorite herb and chill with us for an online smokeout.

Our latest episode welcomed Southern California’s own Pearl Charles. Hot on the heels of her debut album, Charles stopped by the MERRY JANE studio to tell stories of sporadic napping, her love for sugary soda, and finding her inner Texan. After sparking up a joint of XJ-13 from THC Design, Pearl helped us roll the news, breaking down San Francisco’s newest act of cannabis reform and farmer security in the Emerald Triangle. From there, Pearl talks music history, experiences touring on the road, and her LA-bred love for driving, before settling in for Astrology Time, when her Taurus tendencies are both revealed and confirmed. Stick around to watch Pearl name the newest, husky member of our faithful critter clique, and be sure to pick up Pearl’s debut album, Sleepless Dreamer, available now wherever you buy new music. For even more of the stoner songstress, be sure to check her out on tour, coming soon to a city near you.