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On our latest episode, we’re joined by New Orleans native songstress and creative jack-of-all-trades Dawn Richard. From her first taste of the limelight on MTV’s Making the Band in 2004, through her decade under Puff Daddy’s Bad Boy umbrella, to her last five years releasing music as an independent artist, Dawn has seen it all. After breaking her on-camera smoking cherry and checking out her very own Weekend Box, Dawn tells us about her incredible journey from childhood reefer madness fears to personal experimentation with CBD oils and medical cannabis, finding her own healing regimen in a plant she grew up rejecting. Be sure to check out the entire episode for Dawn’s thoughts on child pet ownership and the astrological secrets of her Leo lifestyle. For more of Ms. Richard, check out her most recent album, Redemption, and keep your eyes peeled to Adult Swim for a year full of animation and musical collaborations.