The Oscars are going down this Sunday, February 26, and let’s be thankful for that. For once, in what feels like eons, the internet will be momentarily distracted from all things politics and instead argue about anything and everything related to La La Land. Blessed be thy red carpet.

One perk about the most glamorous night in Hollywood, besides the celebration of some of the year’s best cinema, is the guarantee that an iconic pop culture moment will occur. Not a year goes by without something happening at the Academy Awards, controversial or not, that becomes branded into America’s collective conscious.

For example, Whoopi Goldberg’s 1991 acceptance speech for Best Supporting Actress in Ghost is memorable for being short but deeply powerful. It’s also iconic due to the BTS detail that the actress was supposedly stoned when she went on stage and accepted her Oscar. Yep, even the crème de la crème of the Silver Screen smoke pot.

Whoopi isn’t the only example of an A-lister (or Oscar winner) open about using cannabis. In a new video by MERRY JANE News, we showcase some of the best actors and actresses who are known for lighting up.