Building smoking tools at home is a stoner right of passage. From apple and pepper pipes to gravity bongs made from surgically cut soda bottles and cookware, as long as you’ve got some basic tools and imagination, the options are endless. Our imagination, of course, lead us straight to a pocket pussy.

To celebrate Sex Week, MERRY JANE managing editor Mira Gonzalez and our favorite porn star/activist/cannabis goddess, Janice Griffith, went full arts & crafts on Janice’s signature Fleshlight, turning the high-end sex toy into a fully functioning water pipe.

With nothing more than stoner ingenuity, scissors, tin foil, a little glue and a few other household items, our heroines cut, torch, fasten, and fiddle with Janice’s meticulously molded vaginal replica until smoke was billowing uncontrollably from the silicone vulva.

So sit back, strap in, watch the masters at work, and see if you can craft your own Fleshlight bong at home – for double the personal pleasure.