August 6 marks the 55th anniversary of Jamaica breaking free from the United Kingdom’s colonial rule. To honor the occasion, we are proud to bring you Merry Jane Presents “Jamaica Week.” All week leading up to Jamaican Independence Day, Merry Jane is celebrating the Jamaican people and the many great things that they’ve given to the world — from music, dance, and food, to the Rastafarian religion, cannabis culture, and good vibes.

One such artist with a penchant for popularizing dances and slang is dancer-turned-singjay Chi Ching Ching. Born Radion Tashaman Beckford in St. Mary and raised in Kingston, the lanky 34-year-old first gained fame as a dancer, turning heads with his moves at local party nights where street dances are filmed and go viral. Known for his “red carpet” dances that drew cameras to him, he subsequently broke into music, finding success with the singles “Roast or Fry (Breadfruit)” and “Get There.” As part of “Jamaica Week,” Chi Ching Ching returns to the club in Golden Spring where he first made waves to talk about his music and how street dances are created and blow up, and to show off some of his winning steps. Chiiiiiiiiing!!