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Guitar-strumming weed god Willie Nelson has done it again. Yes, Willie has gotten stoned again, but with the November election in mind, the country music legend and marijuana advocate has just released a new song and animated music video with an especially pointed title: “Vote ’Em Out.”

The breezy new anthem is perfect for toe-tapping and toking. On it, Willie sings: “If you don’t like who’s in there, vote ’em out/That’s what Election Day is all about/The biggest gun we’ve got/Is called the ballot box/So if you don’t like who’s in there, vote ’em out. 

Later in this song, Willie reiterates: “If it’s a bunch of clowns you voted in/Election day is comin’ ’round again/If you don’t like it now/If it’s more than you’ll allow/If you don’t like who’s in there/Vote ’em out!”

Willie actually debuted an early incarnation of “Vote ’Em Out” in his hometown of Austin, Texas, during a 2018 rally Democratic senate candidate and fellow cannabis reform campaigner, Beto O’Rourke. Now, naturally, is the most crucial possible time for “Vote ’Em Out” to get a proper release and promotion.

In a stage video of the 2018 event, Nelson offers a suggestion regarding democracy that’s akin to what he’s always preached about regarding the positive powers of weed. “Take it home with you,” Willie says, “spread it around!”

The lyrics to “Vote ’Em Out” remain strictly non-partisan, simply encouraging unsatisfied citizens to exercise their rights and take action for change on Election Day. The music video, however, cheekily illustrates what we all already know—that Willie Nelson is a lifelong Democrat and he has endorsed Joe Biden for President (Willie also famously smoked weed on the roof of the White House with President Jimmy Carter’s son).

Of course, Willie is also a rational human being and, as such, he is disgusted by Donald Trump. Back in 2017, Willie even released an explicitly anti-Trump song titled, “Delete and Fast-Forward.”

The “Vote ’Em Out” video begins with the arms of two suit-clad candidates shaking hands. One of them — and it’s no stretch to guess who it’s supposed to be — backs away and crosses his fingers. Amidst cleverly placed on-screen lyrics, then, we see cartoon images of citizens of every color and multiple genders pulling levers at polling places, filling out voter cards, dropping their selections into ballot boxes, and sending their votes in by mail.

The song’s chorus offers a surging blast of encouragement as Willie croons, “Vote ’em out (vote ’em out)/Vote ’em out (vote ’em out)/And when they’re gone we’ll sing and dance and shout!”

So just remember to register to vote. Then vote Donald Trump out on November 3. Once we get that done, we can begin campaigning in earnest for the next go-round: Willie Nelson for President! Duh.