What You Need to Know About Washington’s New Medical Marijuana Law
MERRY JANE breaks down the facts.
Published on July 5, 2016

Now that Washington’s Cannabis Patient Protection Act has gone into effect, MERRY JANE has everything you need to know about the new which will combine both medical and recreational sales in stores controlled by state agencies, according to reports.

For Current Medical Patients

Those who possess a current medical marijuana recommendation will only be allowed to buy the current legal amount for recreational use until they are entered into the Medical Marijuana Database. To apply patients must take their authorization form to any licensed and medically endorsed retail marijuana store. Ask to see the certified medical marijuana consultant on staff who is trained in working with authorized medical marijuana patients. Give the consultant your authorization form so that he or she can enter your information into the database, take your picture, and create a new medical marijuana recognition card. Once accepted you are able to three ounces of usable cannabis, 216 ounces of cannabis-infused products, 48 ounces of marijuana infused produced in solid form, and 21 grams of cannabis concentrates.

For Dispensaries

Because of the new law there may be dispensaries in the state that will be shutting down. In order for dispensaries to operate they will need the Washington State and Cannabis Board to issue a medical marijuana endorsement by July 1st otherwise they will be operating illegally and face closure by state authorities. Each county will have a limited number of endorsements with most no longer available meaning some dispensaries will likely close. Dispensaries will now be subject to carrying concentrates and infused products that are medical grade by the Department of Health. All staff must be fully trained and each qualified dispensary must have at least one medical marijuana consultant on staff. Medical marijuana consultants must be 21 years of age, complete a 20-hour training program with proof of completion and complete CPR training.

Michael Geslani
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