Wanted by the DEA: Someone to Burn 1,000 Pounds of Weed Per Hour
That’s 12 tons of weed every day.
Published on March 25, 2019

A notice posted by the DEA requests a private contractor in Arizona to incinerate massive quantities of cannabis on behalf of the federal government.

How massive? The notice asks for a processor who can burn through “at least 1000 lbs. / hr of bulk marijuana.” Or, as Quartz broke it down, that amounts to roughly 16,000 ounces of weed “going up in smoke every 60 minutes; which is 32,000 half ounces; 64,000 quarters; 128,000 eighths; or the equivalent of about 896,000 half-gram joints.”

Put another way, the contractor will destroy $2 million worth of confiscated weed every single hour.

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According to the listing, there will be a DEA agent present during every incineration sesh. The feds also have “the right to access [a] video feed as necessary to ensure the proper destruction of its drugs and safety of its representatives.”

The dank with a death sentence will come from 12 cities in Texas, and will be burnt in an incinerator in Tucson.

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