Ever since Republican nominee Donald Trump clinched the White House in a major upset over Hillary Clinton, the hotheaded businessman has left many Americans clueless and frightened about what’s to come with his presidency. Thus far, Trump has appointed some truly detestable individuals to his cabinet, and has flip-flopped on almost every stance that he took while on the campaign trail. 

Strangely enough, the one issue that Trump seems fixated on even after his unlikely victory is the fact that the election was rigged. During the weeks leading up to election day, the Republican candidate continuously dwelled on the idea that the election would be fixed in Clinton’s favor. Even more ironically, Trump called the electoral college system a “disaster” back in 2012, the very same system that ended up making him President of the United States. 

In his most recent Twitter tangent, the President-Elect made a totally unfounded claim that he would have won the popular vote if "millions" didn’t "illegally vote" for his opponent. Although Clinton won the popular vote by nearly two million votes, Trump still has rightful claim to the White House thanks to the electoral college system.



The bizarre Twitter rant has left many critics dumbfounded and aggravated at the President-Elect’s inability to come to terms with any sort of reality. By making his egregious claims without even an inkling of evidence, Trump is setting a negative precedent for the country months before his inauguration has even taken place.