This Weed-Scented Wallpaper Will Make Your Living Room Smell Like a Grow House
“It’s CBD for your eyes and walls, and just makes you feel good," explain the creators of the weedy wallpaper.
Published on August 23, 2019

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Does it smell like weed in here?

For cannabis lovers across the world, the familiar smell of dank emanating from a new room can be instantly welcoming and bring back a flood of fun memories. And now, thanks to Brooklyn wallpaper company Flavor Paper, you can line the walls of your living room, bedroom, or bathroom with the sweet, skunky smell of bud for all of your house guests to enjoy — even after the last bowl is cashed.

That’s right, Flavor Paper’s home decor gurus have figured out how to infuse hemp terpenes into a scratch-and-sniff wallpaper that smells exactly like a fresh (CBD) joint. And with classic damask designs transformed into subtle weed leaves, Flavor Paper’s “Cannabliss” wallpaper is the perfect blend of classy and grassy.

“We have nailed a very pleasant yet dank scent that is made from true flowering hemp terpenes to ensure we’re keeping it real,” Flavor Paper’s description of the new product reads. “It’s CBD for your eyes and walls, and just makes you feel good.”

Flavor Paper has made a name by producing out-of-the-box wallpaper designs paired with fruit-scented scratch-and-sniff patches, offering home decor in flavors like citrus, banana, and cherry. With their latest cannabis line though, the boutique wallpaper brand wanted to offer a more personal look into the company’s culture and where they stand on America’s growing green rush.

“The current climate demands it,” Flavor Paper told design website House Beautiful when asked why the company chose to create Cannabliss. “Since we believe in its healing powers (however you like it served up), we thought, why not?”

Cannabliss wallpaper comes in four different color options and is also available without the addition of the scratch-and-sniff pot scent — but hey, what’s the fun in that?

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