In a new viral video sweeping the Internet, a New York subway rider can be seen forking Chinese food out of a take-out container and handing it directly to a furry rodent friend that scuddles around his legs, lap, and bag.

The wildest part? Only one person noticed. And while Facebook user Nate Millado put the unconventional pet in frame and let his phone’s camera roll in shock, the rest of the commuters on the packed 2 train continued about their day, completely oblivious of the noodle-munching rat that had joined their ride.

“He was casually feeding it Chinese takeout,” Millado told the New York Post. “It took everything in me not to squeal because I can’t [deal] with rats, but that probably would’ve been the equivalent of screaming ‘FIRE!’ in a crowded theater and caused pandemonium.”

And, to be fair, in a city full of large, wild rats, bringing a domesticated rodent out and about seems like an accident waiting to happen.

But on the other hand, the rat was on its best behavior, eating quietly and staying close to its human. So who are we to judge? Live your best life, Noodle Rat.

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