Texan Pulls Gun on Popeye’s Employees Over Sold Out Chicken Sandwich
"Somebody could have lost their life because they ran out of chicken sandwiches."
Published on September 4, 2019

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last month, you’re probably aware of the Popeye’s chicken sandwich obsession that’s taken over America. And due to the Louisiana chicken chain’s Supreme-like popularity, you’ve also probably noticed that the sandwich is now sold out across the country. Well, one group of Texans didn’t get the memo.

According to a number of reports from local Houston outlets, a group of men and women stopped at the drive-thru of a Southeast Houston Popeye’s this week and were outraged when they were told they couldn’t purchase chicken sandwiches. Not willing to try a four-piece meal or a few chicken tenders, the group parked their car and stormed the restaurant demanding the sandwich — with one of the men even pulling out a gun.

Thankfully, employees were able to lock the restaurant doors before the gun-wielding man and the rest of the supposed mob was able to get inside. Police were called to the scene before it escalated further. 

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And while the sandwich-fueled assault will certainly add to the lore of the latest viral culinary phenomenon, local Popeye’s customers who were in the store at the time said that the incident was no laughing matter.

"He could have shot someone [because of] a chicken sandwich," customer Fredrick Taylor told ABC13. "Somebody could have lost their life because they ran out of chicken sandwiches."

The mob fled the Houston Popeye’s before police arrived on the scene, but local officers are examining security footage to try to track them down. Our guess? They’re already on their way to New York City to try to snag the country’s last remaining Popeye’s sandwiches, of course.

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