Seth Rogen is letting people smoke weed with him in LA while he teaches everyone how to make pottery. No, this isn’t a dream. This is a real thing, and it’ll only cost you $42 … if you can land a booking, that is.

Fast Company reports that the home rental platform AirBnB has announced a deal where you could win a chance of paying just $42 a night in a mid-century modern Los Angeles domicile with the Superbad star and the founder of the Houseplant cannabis brand himself.

Starting on February 7 at 10 a.m. PT, you can request to book the house on Feb. 15, 16, or 17. Once there, you’ll be greeted with a ceramic studio, and a line of Rogan’s Houseplant cannabis housewares that have become coveted items among stoners thrilled by big name paraphernalia.

Rogen says collaborations with such a corporate monster as Airbnb can push the needle when it comes to beating back anti-weed stigma.

“This is honestly a big deal,” Rogen told Fast Company. “The idea that a giant company like Airbnb is excited about a partnership with a company like Houseplant is really exciting. It does actually move the needle, and normalizes weed, and shows that it’s not as scary as some people think it is. It shows people who like weed are still people who live in nice environments, and like nice things, and I genuinely think that helps.”

The display home gimmick is one that Houseplant has been playing with. Last year, Rogen gave highly aesthetic media tours of Houseplant’s LA office where he speed-rolled joints and shared his strain preferences. The images allegedly sparked interest in Houseplant customers for chilling with a joint in similar surroundings.

After years as a stoner icon, Rogen founded the brand in 2019 with a line of flower, bringing his wares to the US in 2021, with its actual weed offerings limited to sale in California at the time. He says that his wife Lauren Miller “held my hand” in its creation. Nowadays, the company’s drops of sleek ashtrays and even turntables are covered by Hypebeast, ingredients for a designer stoner lifestyle.

This Airbnb offer is a new one, but vacation listings that are designed to be weed-friendly are old news. MERRY JANE has been reporting on them since 2015, when we ran down the offerings of a website called Bud and Breakfast, whose website is up and running and has many active listings, such as this three-bedroom, three-bathroom townhouse whose owner was recently featured in a CNBC report.

“Airbnb may be the big Daddy of the market, but they’re generalists. We created a new niche,” said BandB founder Sean Roby at the time of our interview.

Times have certainly changed in the last eight years, and nowadays Airbnb allows guests to possess, consume, and cultivate cannabis in places where such activity is “legally permissible and within local limits.”

Still, the site does not allow users to search for weed-friendly spots to stay.

Big head’s up if you end up winning the Rogen hangout: Airbnb says it’s a strictly BYO weed situation.

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