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Berner is back in the lab, and this time the reefer and rap star is cooking up some new genetics with help from a fellow wordsmith. 

A rapper, clothing designer, hemp-infused beverage CEO, Cookies mastermind, and Golden State cannabis industry heavyweight, Berner spent the last week in New York City doing media rounds to promote his latest album, Rico. While breaking down the painstaking process behind his freshly baked empire to Sirius XM DJ Nina 9, Uncle Bern divulged preliminary details about an exclusive new strain in the works, in collaboration with East Coast spitter, Logic.

“I might be giving Logic his own strain,” Berner told Nina 9 earlier this Thursday. “He’s a good dude and we’re doing a documentary on it that will document the whole process on how to create a strain from start to finish. He’s one of those guys that’s willing to work really, really hard.”


In addition to the custom genetics, Berner revealed that the upcoming film will be called Anxiety Killer, and that the duo has already started work on the passion project. 

In 2017, Logic released his third studio album, Everybody, and skyrocketed to the pop charts with the single "1-800-273-8255,” a track made to bring attention to mental health issues that was produced in collaboration with the National Suicide Prevention Hotline. In interviews where Logic has spoke about cannabis use, the socially-conscious rapper has mentioned that smoking weed helps reduce his anxiety — a possible hint at the impending project’s origins. 

As more and more rappers attribute their name to cannabis businesses and products across the legal weed landscape, Berner made sure to note the difference between branding an image, and getting your hands Rolex-deep into soil.

“It’s a special thing, it’s a real project,” Berner said during the Sirius interview. “The only person I’ve really given a strain to is Wiz, with KK… But a lot of people don’t understand that to make a strain you’ve got to put in the time, energy, and effort, and not a lot of people are willing to do that, they just want the cash. Logic is down to put in that work, so he’s gonna get blessed.”

Unfortunately, due to the tedious process behind splicing genetics and actually growing plants from seed to smoke, the fruits of the Berner x Logic collaborative cross, and the documentary that’s coming with it, won’t be ready for another two years or so. 

In the meantime, you can pick up Rico, Everybody, and the rest of the smoked-out rappers’ music on your favorite streaming service, and if you’re in Los Angeles, hit up Berner’s Cookies retail store for some of the Southland’s finest fire. 

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