Atlanta rap star Playboi Carti was arrested late last week in Clayton County, Georgia after he was pulled over in a Lamborghini by local Sheriffs and a search turned up weed, pharmaceutical drugs, and firearms.

According to a report from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Carti’s sportscar was stopped by the Clayton County Sheriff’s COBRA team, a seven-man unit focused on policing “high crime, drug, and prostitution areas” of the county. Despite the introduction of hands-off policing in many jurisdictions as COVID-19 continues to spread, Clayton County’s COBRA team has made nearly 70 arrests since the coronavirus outbreak began. But in Carti’s case, it wasn’t wiretaps or informants that lead the COBRA team to his car, but rather out-of-date license plate tags.

After they were stopped, Carti and the car’s passenger, 21-year-old Jaylen Tucker, watched as cops unloaded at least eight 1/8ths of the strain Pink Runtz, a few more unlabeled bags of bud, codeine cough syrup, pills of oxycodone and Xanax, and three guns. Tucker took the rap for the hard drugs and guns, leaving Carti to handle charges for cannabis possession and the traffic infractions. 

By the end of the day, a police report said that Carti and Tucker were “facing the wall at Georgia’s toughest paramilitary jail known as the Hill-ton.” But because Tucker took the more severe charges for the contraband found in the Lambo, Carti was able to post bail for the weed and traffic violations, and was subsequently released. Unfortunately, Tucker was not as lucky, and remained incarcerated at least through the weekend.

Carti is still facing charges for the traffic violations and weed possession charges, but with most courts put on pause amidst the continued COVID-19 crisis, it is not quite clear when he will have to face the music for his Pink Runtz joyride. 

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