Two polls this year discovered that Americans were smoking more weed and less tobacco, and at the current rates, the entire country will soon be blazing buds while bidding adieu to cigarettes. But a new survey shows that three major US cities are already ahead of the curve.

The survey, conducted by the marketing analytics firm Nielsen (the same one that compiles TV ratings), found that 17 percent of adults in the Seattle-Tacoma area said they smoked weed within the past 30 days, but only 16 percent said the same about nicotine products, which includes tobacco and vapes, the Seattle Times reported.

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The same trends were seen in two other west coast metropolitan areas: San Francisco and Portland, Oregon. Weed smokers made up 16 percent of the Bay Area’s respondents, whereas 13 percent said they consumed nicotine. Meanwhile, in Portland, 20 percent of respondents said they smoked weed within the past month while only 19 percent said they smoked tobacco or used other nicotine products.

The Nielsen survey included 200,000 adults across the entire country from January 2018 to May 2019. The survey did not ask if respondents smoked legal or underground weed or vaped illicit products

Denver, Colorado, came in fourth place for most weed smokers, even though the Centennial State was the first to launch recreational cannabis sales in 2014. Roughly 18 percent of the Mile High City’s residents said they toked herb within the past month, whereas 19 percent said they used tobacco products in that same time frame. 

Well, what’re you waiting for? Put down the Marlboros and pick up some (legal) marijuana! You see those numbers above? You gotta pump those up! Those are rookie numbers!

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