Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne Once Got Into a Fight After He Spiked a Stew With Weed
Non-consensual drug administration ain’t cool, kids.
Published on April 5, 2023

We imagine Sharon Osbourne has seen worse after 31 years of marriage to Ozzy, but she admitted that it made her “go insane” when he spiked her stew with cannabis. The UK publication Express recently picked up on the couple’s interview with Zane Lowe on Apple Music where they delved into the nonconsensual incident.  

“He made me a stew with some s**t in it,” said Sharon, initially resulting in a jocular denial from her famously wacky spouse.

“I never f**king did it,” said Ozzy, who then owned up to drugging his wife. He apparently got his, though: “She throws the phone at me and it goes straight on the face,” he continued.

(Inserting a note here that it’s never, ever cool to give people drugs without their consent!)

That was not the extent of Sharon’s discontent over being stoned against her will. In fact, the guitar of Rock and Roll Hall of Fame member Randy Rhoads paid the ultimate price in this episode of familial discontent. Rhoads is a bigtime Ozzy collaborator, and in fact collaborated on Ozzy's first two solo albums, Blizzard of Ozz and Diary of a Madman.

Sharon, however, apparently could not have cared less about this impressive resume in the wake of Ozzy’s tomfoolery.

“Randy's guitar was there, and I picked it up and slammed it against the wall,” said Sharon.

Ozzy announced that the famous British rock family was moving back to the UK last year over concerns around constant mass shootings in the United States — though he later said he was less than thrilled about going home, after all. Nonetheless, the repatriation process will be documented by a 10-part BBC series called Home to Roost.

It’s been common knowledge that Ozzy Osbourne is an enthusiastic cannabis consumer since his heyday in group Black Sabbath. The band’s 1971 album Master of Reality is generally regarded as its weediest, and even begins with the sound of guitarist Tony Iommi hacking up a lung after a bong hit on opening track, “Sweet Leaf.”

“My life is free now, my life is clear, I love you sweet leaf, though you can’t hear,” Ozzy sings on the song.

“Well, what do you think?” Osbourne would later tell High Times for a March 1999 print issue whose cover features him literally eating nugs of cannabis. “We used to smoke pounds of the shit, man. We used to buy it by the fuckin’ sackful. We used to be so fucked up all the time. Wake up in the morning, start the day with a spliff and go to bed with it. Yeah, it started to get … I started to get the heebee-jeebees. I was mixing all kinds of other chemicals. Booze, coke, pills …”

Ozzy has also been an enthusiastic user of other drugs. In a 1972 interview that MERRY JANE holds dear, Ozzy went in on a LSD experience in which he spoke to a horse for a solid hour. At the end of their talk, the steed told Osbourne to “fuck off.”

“That was it for me,” said Ozzy, who says he subsequently stopped consuming the hallucinogen.

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