If you’re going to use a fake ID to try and purchase an age-restricted product, the key is anonymity. Whether it’s booze, cigarettes, porno magazines, or legal weed, getting past an inquiring sales clerk is all about confidence and being forgettable. So when a licensed online Canadian cannabis retailer got an application for a new customer by the name of Thor Thunder Odinson, a few red flags went up, especially after a copy of the corresponding ID showed a photo of Marvel actor Chris Hemsworth.

According to Complex News, Twitter user @cottoncandaddy went viral last week after posting the Thor ID in a screenshot of a text conversation with her sister, an employee at an online weed dispensary in Canada.

On what looks like a standard Alberta drivers license, Hemsworth’s photo is instantly recognizable, including bits of unphotoshopped collar from his Marvel costume and a home residence at 69 Big Hammer Lane. But in a twist of character that did not escape Twitter’s Marvel superfans, the ID stretched and deflated Hemsworth’s Thor to a height and weight of 6’8”, 150 pounds.

Besides, even if the Canadian prankster ran into a dispensary employee who had never seen a Marvel movie,  a deeper look at the ID shows that it was marked expired more than two years ago. Sorry, Thor, it’s back to the DMV before you can pick up those trees.

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