A cannabis trafficker traveling across the country with bags full of gift wrapped weed had his Christmas haul turned into coal this week, after airport cops at Nashville’s BNA International Airport nabbed the festively-packaged pot.

According to Nashville’s News Channel 5, 57-year-old Somphone Temmeraj arrived at BNA on a flight from Seattle at 7pm on Monday evening. He immediately arose the suspicion of police officers and their K9 companions thanks to a dank smell coming from his checked luggage. After Temmeraj picked up his three pungent suitcases from the luggage carousel, officers confronted the high flyer and asked to look through his bags. Inside, they found 75 neatly wrapped Christmas presents, each containing a pound or more of black market weed. 

As the dynamics of America’s legal and illicit cannabis trade continue to change alongside state-specific marijuana reform, law enforcement officers have bemoaned a perceived increase in cross-country pot trafficking from legal markets to prohibition states. And outside of mailing packages and driving contraband cross country, commercial flights have emerged as a favorite route for ambitious bud smugglers. 

In addition to the 84 pounds of dank disguised as Christmas gifts, Nashville cops also confiscated $2,600 from Temmeraj. The would-be Canna-Claus was arrested and is currently being held on $10,000 bond.

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