There’s something about getting stoned in the great outdoors that enhances the overall experience, turning an ordinary hike into a dream-like journey through the wilderness. However, it turns out that getting too high atop the highest mountain peak in all of England isn’t really the brightest idea, a lesson that four hikers learned the hard way earlier this weekend.

After reaching the top of the 3,209ft Scafell Pike in Cumbria’s Lake District, marijuana had turned the hikers' mountain climbing adventure into an ordeal that involved local police, mountain rescue, and of course, Twitter reactions. After consuming cannabis, the group of climbers found themselves too “incapacitated” to get back down from the peak, forcing mountain rescue teams and air ambulances to go out and save them.   

The Cumbria Police shared the situation on social media, tweeting “Persons stuck on mountain, after taking cannabis. Having to deploy M'tain Rescue, Air support and Ambulance to rescue them…..” This created a chain reaction of jokes and harsh judgement across the Twittersphere. Some people jested that the police should just bring them munchies, while others lambasted the hikers for wasting resources and endangering rescuers with their recklessness. Check out some of the most amusing responses below:

All jokes aside, the local police force eventually announced that the hikers were rescued by volunteers about three hours after they placed the emergency call. It’s unclear whether the high climbers were fined or charged for their stoned stupidity, but reports claim that police spoke directly with the men after they were saved.

If you follow MERRY JANE’s “Where You Smoke” series, you already know how much cannabis users enjoy toking up out in Mother Nature's majestic backyard. However, situations like this should serve as a cautionary tale to adventurous tokers. No matter how experienced of a hiker, climber or stoner you might be, it's best to think twice before elevating your mind while 3,000+ feet up on a mountain peak.